Observe Outdoor Fire Safety


Observe outdoor fire safety Memorial weekend

Craig, Colo.- Fire Danger is low which means currently the potential for large intense wildfires is at a minimum, however fire safety always needs to be observed as lighter vegetation, like grass and brush can dry out quickly and combined with dead vegetation from last year can easily carry fire especially if it is windy.  Recent rain has moderated the fire danger in many northwest Colorado areas and snow is lingering at some higher elevations. “While our area has received rain and green-up is underway in fine vegetation the larger fuels and trees still suffer from the effects of drought and are ready to burn. We’ve responded to a number of small and single-tree fires from lightning associated with thunder storms,” remarked Colt Mortenson, Northwest Colorado Fire Management Officer. Outdoor fire safety is always important, here are suggestions to keep you and your family safe:

1.      Be aware of expected weather conditions

2.      Know if fire restrictions are in effect when recreating as many locations have not received rain and are dry

3.      Clear campfire area of brush and grass well beyond campfire

4.      Make campfire soup before leaving your campsite: drown campfire with water, cover and stir in dirt until coals are cool to the touch

5.      Extinguish smoking materials properly – hold matches until they are cold

6.      Park out of tall grass, hot catalytic converters can ignite fires

7.      Use approved spark arresters on internal combustion powered equipment

8.      Fireworks are illegal on public lands

9.      Weakened or dead trees can fall without warning, assess your camp area upon arrival


No fire restrictions are in place in Grand, Jackson, Routt, Moffat or Rio Blanco Counties.  Leaving a campfire unattended is a fineable offense and careless.  Anyone found responsible for the start of a wildfire can be held liable for a portion or all fire response actions.  Your county, state and federal managers wish you an enjoyable and incident free holiday weekend.  To view a statewide listing for fire restrictions visit: http://www.coemergency.com/ .  To report a fire call 911.