Community Chipping Days


2023 Chipping Days

Our 2023 chipping days have not been finalized yet.  We will post dates here once finalized.

2023 Chipping Contractor Request for Proposals  — Proposals due by March 9, 2023 @ 4pm

Community Chipping Program Materials Guidelines:

Accepted materials include trees, tree branches, small diameter logs and brush (cut away from root mass). We accept sagebrush and juniper bushes.

The following restrictions apply:

  • No logs or branches with a diameter greater than 12 inches
  • No construction, building or other man-made materials
  • No lumber, fence posts or signs
  • No roots, root wads, stumps or anything else that grows below the soil
  • No materials that contain dirt, sand, gravel or rocks
  • No materials that contain any metal (nails, screws, fencing), string or other man-made materials
  • No herbaceous / non-woody plant material
  • No willow trees/branches/bushes
Questions, please call us at 970-627-7121!