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Phone: 970-627-7121

Grand County Wildfire Council

Info for Visitors

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Visitors are reminded to be careful with campfires and follow these basic fire safety rules:

  • Scrape back dead grass and forest materials from your campfire site.
  • Keep your campfire small and under control; make it only as big as you need it.
  • Keep a shovel and a water container nearby to douse escaped embers.
  • Put your campfire dead out before leaving your campsite or going to sleep.
  • Fireworks are not allowed on federal lands.

Show your commitment to wildfire prevention by pledging to the following...


  • To use caution and common sense before lighting any fire.
  • To understand that any fire I create could become a wildfire.
  • To understand and practice proper guidelines whenever I create a fire outdoors.
  • To never, ever leave any fire unattended.
  • To make sure any fire that I create is properly and completely extinguished before moving on.
  • To properly extinguish and discard of smoking materials.
  • To be aware of my surroundings and be careful when operating equipment during periods of dry or hot weather.
  • To speak up and step in when I see someone in danger of starting a wildfire.

Call the Sulphur Ranger District at 970.887.4100 with questions or visit their website.

For more information, visit Smokey’s own site at or the United States Forest Service site at

Current Fire Danger

As of


HIGH - Fires start easily and spread at a fast rate. All fine dead fuels ignite readily and fires start easily from most causes. Unattended campfires are likely to escape. Fires spread rapidly and short-distance spotting is common. High- intensity burning may develop on slopes, or in concentrations of fine fuel. Fire may become serious and difficult to control unless they are hit hard and fast while small.

Fire Restrictions: NONE