9-1-1 Reflective Address Signs

Which of these signs is better in low-light conditions???


In low-light conditions, such as at night or smoky conditions, non-reflective address signs are hard to see.  Consequently, it may be difficult for emergency personnel to find your home in the event of an medical emergency, fire or evacuation order.

9-1-1 Reflective address signs SAVE LIVES.  Purchase one from Grand County Wildfire Council today!

Grand County Road (GCR) Number Sign – $30

I'd Like A County Road Sign

The Grand County Road number is horizontal and your house number is vertical. The 6×18″ sign should be mounted on an 8′ T-post using two u-bolts (from the hardware store) at the end of your driveway.

Installation Instructions

House Number Sign – $20House number sign (vertical)

I'd Like A House Sign

You can choose either a vertical or horizontal orientation. This 4×12″ sign is for mounting on your home if you live in town limits.

House number sign (horizontal)