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Steering Committee
The Steering Committee of the Grand County Wildfire Council consists of individuals and agencies who support the mission and objectives of the Council and shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors on the direction of the Council. There shall be no membership entitlements in the steering committee; rather, the committee shall be comprised of the members present at each  meeting of the Steering Committee. Steering Committee Members may include, but are not limited to, agency personnel, HOAs, individual homeowners, organization representatives, and other interested parties.  The GCWC Steering Committee meets quarterly throughout the year.

Steering 4.23.21
Steering 1.28.21
       1.28.21 Recording/Notes:


Steering 10.17.19
      Files from 10.17.19 Steering Committee Meeting (Presentation by Jamie Vickery)
           Speaker PowerPoint Slides
           Community Survey Report_Kremmling
           Community Survey Report_Granby
           2018 Colorado Re-survey Report
Steering 1.17.19
Steering 7.26.18
Steering 4.26.18
Steering 1.18.18
Steering 10.19.17
Steering 7.20.17
Steering 4.28.17
Steering 1.19.17
Steering 7.21.16
Steering 1.21.16
Steering 10.15.15
Steering  7.16.15
Steering 4.16.15

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of five to nine members. Members of the Board represent wildfire-centric organizations, coalitions or collaborative groups with a vested interest in local wildfire issues. The Board of Directors will have primary oversight for setting the strategic course of Grand County Wildfire Council and for the review and approval of major programs and plans.  Elections to the Board of Directors take place during the first official meeting of each calendar year. Board members serve for a term of two years and are not term-limited. Terms are staggered so that the entire Board does not turn over in any given year.  The Board of Directors meets as needed to maintain Council business and programs.

Board 12.1.21
Board 11.12.21
Board 7.16.21
Board 3.18.21
Board 8.14.20
Board 10.11.19
Board 2.8.19
Board 8.2.18
Board 7.18.18
Board 4.26.18
Board 12.15.17
Board 7.14.17
Board 4.14.17
Board 12.15.16
Board 8.18.16
Board 7.12.16