Fire Adapted

Colorado Wildfire Resilient Homes Grant

Homeowners: There is a home hardening grant available through the Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) from now through April 15, 2024, called the Colorado Wildfire Resilient Homes Grant. This grant intends to help homeowners harden their homes and make them safer, such as replacing your roof with fire resistant material. There is $100,000 in grant funds available through this pilot program that was passed by the CO legislature in 2023.
Homeowners apply directly for this grant: Wildfire Resilient Homes Grant Application ( A Home Ignition Zone/ Defensible Space assessment is required prior to applying. Please email GCWC at for more details on home assessments. Applicants also must indicate on the application which home hardening/ defensible space projects you intend to complete, along with the total cost of the project and grant funds you are applying for. 
Home assessments are a great step in understanding your wildfire risk and also are required prior to mitigation work being completed in our Hazard Ignition Zone (HIZ) Cost Share Program (information located on our cost share page.) If you are interested in getting a home assessment completed, please contact your local fire district or reach out to
If you have questions, please contact