Cost-Share Programs

Grand County Wildfire Council (GCWC) has two cost-share programs focused on reducing wildfire risk. The first is focused generally on smaller, single homeowner projects designed to protect life safety and the second on larger, strategic and community level fuels reduction projects. Please see details below as well as links to applications. Please reach out to with any questions.

Hazard Ignition Zone (HIZ) Cost-Share Program

Grand County Wildfire Council (GCWC) offers a Hazard Ignition Zone (HIZ) Cost-Share Program for wildfire risk reduction. The program is meant to incentivize landowners to complete defensible space projects to make their homes and/or structures safer in the event of a wildfire.

  • New for 2024, applicants must have a Home Wildfire Risk Assessment completed prior to work being completed to be considered for reimbursement under the Hazard Ignition Zone (HIZ) Program.
  • Please see the application link below. Please review the process carefully within the application as other items have also changed.
  • After you complete your application, we will reach out to you to schedule your assessment. These assessments are completed by a wildfire mitigation expert either from your local fire protection district or Grand County Wildfire Council and will help to inform your wildfire mitigation plan.
  • Cost sharing is generally limited to 50% of the total fuels treatment cost, $1,500 per acre, or $5,000 per property, whichever is least.
  • Please review the Grand County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) linked below.

Strategic Fuels Reduction Cost-Share Program

Grand County Wildfire Council (GCWC) offers a Strategic Fuels Reduction Cost-Share Program for wildfire risk mitigation. The purpose of this program is to complete meaningful and strategic fuels landscape and community treatments as identified in the Community Wildfire Protection Plan to reduce wildfire risk (linked below).

  • This program supports the completion of landscape scale, community level, and large parcel projects with a focus on connecting fuels reduction treatments and fuels break treatments, as well as gaining a foothold in new areas to support future mitigation. The program emphasizes protecting critical infrastructure, access routes, structures, and vital resources within high-risk areas such as those identified in the Community Wildfire Protection Plan.
  • Please note we are working on the application to the Strategic Fuels Reduction Cost-Share Program and it will be posted below when it is ready.


  • Below is a link to contractors who are interested in assisting with your project.


2024 Homeowner Hazard Ignition Zone Cost Share Application

2024 Strategic Fuels Reduction Cost-Share ApplicationCOMING SOON

2024 Tree Contractors List

Grand County Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs)



1) Our program is a REIMBURSEMENT program, meaning that the project must be complete, entirely paid for by YOU, and all required documents submitted before reimbursement.
2) Grant funds are limited and are spent on a first come-first serve basis.
3) This is a competitive program. If you want to be reimbursed for work done this year, you may want to consider expediting the work. We cannot guarantee the availability of funding for work done next year.

4) Projects are reimbursed by the ACRE MITIGATED. Max payout is $1,500/acre.  If you only mitigate a portion of your property, you will only get reimbursed for the area mitigated.


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Cost share funds have been generously donated by: Congressionally-delegated funding sponsored by Colorado Senator Bennet, Bureau of Land Management, Colorado State Forest Service, Weathertop Foundation, Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, Middle Park Conservation District, Grand Fire Protection District, Coalitions and Collaboratives Inc. (COCO) through the Action, Implementation and Mitigation (AIM) Program, and Grand Foundation (Grand County Wildfire Emergency Fund).

    Coalitions & Collaboratives, Inc.