Resources for Residents

There are many levels of wildfire awareness and safety, starting at the individual parcel level, then the community/subdivision/HOA, up to the Town, County, and beyond.  GCWC’s ultimate goal is to create aFire Adapted Grand County”.

The Need for Fire Adaptation

The East Troublesome Fire of 2020 burned almost 200,000 acres of our precious Grand County land. With more than 800,000 acres left unburned, we need to make the pledge to engage with wildfire prevention, preparedness, mitigation, and survival. The GCWC is the lead local agency working to create a more fire adapted Grand County, a community that consists of prepared and informed citizens, collaboratively planning and taking action to safely coexist with wildland fire. We must create a fire culture that allows fire to play more of its natural role while protecting people and assets from the damage it can do.

GCWC Resources
  • For Communities looking to become Firewise USA, click here


NEW!!! Wildfire Prevention, Preparedness and Survival Guide (specifically tailored to Grand County Colorado)

Ready, Set, Go! Wildland Fire Action Guide

The Home Ignition Zone

Creating a Fire Adapted Home

Wildfire Home Assessment Checklist

High Country Rural Living & Land Management Guide

2024 Tax Mailer


Defensible Space Tools

2024 Tree Contractors List

Grand County Open Burning Season (Slash Pile Burning)

Grand County Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs)

List of Approved Firewise Plant Materials

Risk Research from IBHS

Firewise Grand County

Fire Adapted Communities

WiRe Research Results Mailer

Wildfire Mitigation Measures Tax Subtraction